New CP Guide

10 01 2009

Well… it looks like my CP guide needs a bit of cleaning up! Some of the things in it have been out-dated.

I will also have to revamp the secrets and glitches pages it seems.

I need some help though… so, what I won’t you guys to do, is to write your own segment to my new glitch and secrets article!
You can choose any secret or glitch you like, and write a paragraph or two about how to find it or whatever.
Leave your contribution as a comment to this post or to the “Super- Secret secrets” page or the “Glitches” page.

Thanks for your help!


Get Ready… Get Set… Get Fit!

14 08 2008


The CP games will be held on the 22nd- 26th of August.

But you probably already knew right?

Apparently there will be no free items in boxes laying around this time around… you have to earn your prizes!

RH’s Treasure Hunt Games Not Working!!

9 08 2008

Hey fellow Penguins!

I have asked around quite a bit and everyone I have asked say they cannot access RH’s Treasure Hunt game!!!!

Oh No! This is so annoying!!

so dissapointing

so dissapointing

RockHopper is back!!! again…. sigh…

8 08 2008

Hey everyone!

Woah! has it been ages since I’ve updated this blog or has it been ages? It’s been ages!

Sorry everyone! I’ve been very busy and got caught up with a whole heap of other stuff I just never had enough time to make a small post! bad huh?

Well anyway, I’m sure you dont wont to hear me complain so lets get down to bussiness!

Rockhopper is back! Again!

This time he has brought with him, a paper boat hunt! Sound fun yeah?


Well, if your having a little trouble figuring out where to find the boats, here are the answers.

boat 1. This boat is found at the mines just out side th mine shack in a bucket of water!

The first boat!

The first boat!


Boat 2. Can be found at the cove. You know the water you can swim in? and you know the rope at the edge of the screen? Well, the boat is on the other side of the ropes. I won’t post anymore pictures though, you know what the boat looks like, I’m sure you’ll cope!


Boat 3. Can be found in the Coffee Shop, floating in a bucket of water on the front counter. Its quite obvious.


Boat 4. Can be found at the beach on the shore line right next to the rocks.


Boat 5. Can be found underground at the swimming pool. If you look at the window, you will see a paper boat float past the window. Click on it!


Boat 6. Can be found in the Pet Shop in a pet basket.


Boat 7. Can be found at the docks underneath the pier. click on it and it will sail from under it!


Boat 8. Can be found at the iceberg. Look around the edges of the Iceberg and you sill see it!


There you go! Once you find all of the boats, click on the “Build the Blueprint” Button.

When you click this button and new screen open up with all the pieces of a blue print you just collected! put them together like a puzzle and you done! Now you can claim your prize (a background!)


New stuff

17 03 2008

Ok, sorry I haven’t included any pics but I’m in a rush!

 Um… at the coffee shop in the bookroom there are two new books in the bookcase. They are sooo fun! Take a look at my club penguin guide for tips on using the books.

 The new pin is in the boiler room in the filing cupboard, run your cursor over the pin and it will fall, then pick it up. Its a little red book.

Also, at the ski Villiage theres a new free item for St Patricks day, its a gigantic St Patricks Day hat!!! yay!!!

Thats it!


New Game!

29 02 2008

Hey Pengies,

At the iceberg, you will find a new game called “Aqua Grabber”.


How The Game Works:

You have to use your submarine to move around and pick up objects from RockHoppers shipwreck and bring them back to the net.

Its a very fun game!

And when your finished the whole game by collecting all the pieces, you get a golden wheel pin! Yay!


Also, at the pool you will find an Aqua Grabber pin!


Sub-Marine Party!

17 02 2008

Hi Pengies!

 Wow, I am really late with this update aren’t I? Jeeze! Well.

The launch of the now sub-marine is underway, you can check out the construction site at the iceberg where you can also vote for your most preferred name… the name with the most votes wins!

At the iceberg you will also find free hardhats, these has been a previous free item, but all the new players have  a chance to grab it!


Hmm… well some other free items are:

A cute little seashell belt, you can find it in the book room of the coffee shop, which has been given a complete make over!


And a yellow and green snorkel! very cute! this item can be found at the forest inside the treasure chest!



And the pin is at the cove!



Also, if you take a look in the gift shop, there are some new player card backgrounds and some really cool sea-themed outfits!

And  make sure you check out everysingle bit of the island because it jam-packed with sub-marine fun!

You gotta check out the upstairs of the nightclub! its VERY cool!


upstairs of nightclub


This has to be the best party I have ever seen the whole time I’ve been playing CP! honestly! Its really very cool! If you haven’t yet seen it you HAVE to check it out!

So get onto to CP and waddle ’round!